Drop Deck Trailer Transport

Drop Deck Trailers Transport

Ever since iron haulers have come into business. Life for so many people have become a lot more easier and convenient. With their super convenient and fine services anyone can now avail transport services with in the state and outside the state as well. One of their very exclusive services is the drop deck trailer transport. Many large businesses and industries can greatly benefit from this service as the sole purpose of this is to allow your extra large cargo with great height to be transported easily with more clearance space. Not many transportation companies offer such deals and services, but with having so many diverse range if services, iron haulers has proved that it is indeed the best transportation company.

Step Deck Trailer and Drop Deck Trailer Transport Services

Step deck trailers and drop deck trailers are both the same trailers. Step deck trailers are often called drop deck trailers too. A drop deck trailer allows you to ship cargo that is taller than 8 feet and is inappropriate for a flat bed trailer. If you’re witnessing the same problem, you can instantly get a hold on iron haulers and ask them for a drop deck trailer. Iron haulers is always at the rescue.

Factories often face transportation problems because either their cargo is too tall or there is too less space. However, with iron haulers being the saviours, there will never be transportation issues again. At iron haulers all kinds of trailers and solutions are present.

Difference Between Drop Deck Trailers and Step Deck Trailers

There is absolutely no difference in a drop deck trailer and a step deck trailer. This is one trailer with two names and you can call it whatever you may like. Drop deck transport services allow you to ship cargo that is often way taller than 8 feet. With the use of drop deck transport services you can get your extra tall cargo shipped easily with no complication or anything else. Drop deck trailers are also known as step decks and low boy trailers.

Double Drop Deck Trailer Shipping

Double drop deck trailer is a form of drop deck trailer. It’s speciality lies in the fact that it has two drops in the deck height. Making it even more convenient and suitable for cargo that is extra tall and loaded. A double drop deck trailer has a well between it’s two axles making it extremely low to the ground. This creates more space for the over heighted cargo. At Iron Haulers these trailers do an amazing job and are greatly in demand by a number of clients. It is made sure at Iron Haulers that the over heighted cargo is shipped carefully and efficiently.

General Weight Capabilities of Drop Deck Trailer Transport

There are some important points in terms of drop deck trailer capabilities that have to be kept mind. We make sure that our clients are aware of this important information that would help them take the right decisions. Following are the general capabilities you should know about:

  • Maximum freight weight – 42,000 pounds
  • Main deck length – 25 feet to 29 feet
  • Main deck width – 8 1/2 feet
  • Main deck width – 8 1/2 feet
  • Main deck height – 11 1/2 feet
  • Front deck length – 10 feet
  • Front deck width – 8 1/2 feet
  • Front deck height – 8 1/2 feet
  • Rear deck length – 9 feet
  • Rear deck width – 8 1/2 feet
  • Rear deck height – 10 feet

Why We Use Double Decks to Transport?

We use double decks to transport when the cargo that has to be shipped breaches a certain amount of load and height specifications. Double deck transportation has been greatly in demand and use ever since factories and industries have taken over. Factory and industry equipment is usually tall and very loaded, double deck transportation helps greatly in the transport of these equipment efficiently.

Step Deck Trailer Shipping

Step deck trailer shipping is a piece of cake for iron haulers. There are some general capabilities that need to be kept in mind for better and efficient results.

General Weight Capabilities of Step Deck Trailer Transport

  • Maximum freight weight should be 48,000 pounds.
  • Bottom deck length should be 37 feet
  • Top deck length should be 11 feet.
  • Deck width should be 8 and half feet.
  • Height from bottom deck should be 10 feet.

Expert Double Deck Hauling by Iron Haulers

Iron haulers is considered to be the best and most certified transportation company. From small to large and extra large all kinds of shipping, trucking, transportation is taken care of at iron haulers. Iron haulers is perhaps the most convenient and professional transportation company you can now experience to avail the best services such as the double deck hauling. Our services are spread as far as to 50 states and fortunately to Canada and Mexico as well.

Step Deck Shipping with Iron Haulers

Step deck shipping is the ultimate solution to all you over load and heighted freight. At iron haulers this problem is taken care of by using step decks. Step decks often called as drop deck trailers enable you to easily transport your freight that is either too tall or too heavy. Such as  industry machines, heavy loaded trucks, mining machinery and etc. We offer services in 50 states Including Canada and Mexico as well. If you truly want to see what efficiency and professionalism looks like, you can look at iron haulers and experience it’s services.

Types of Truck Transport Trailers

A Number of trailers and variety is present and available at Iron haulers. This is to be extremely useful and helpful to all our clients because that is the only thing that matters to us. A diverse range of trailers is what we have at iron haulers. Si that our worthy customers don’t have to go elsewhere looking for solutions to their oversized and heighted freight. Different types of trailers are used for different kinds of freight. It all depends on the kind of cargo that has to be shipped, and obviously it’s weight and size as well.

Removable Gooseneck Trailers

Removable gooseneck trailers also referred to as RGN trailers transport heavy and oversized equipment. These can carry a load of almost 150,000 pounds.

Flat Bed Trailers

Flat bed trailers are the most easiest and convenient kind of trailers as well. These are used to transport all kinds of objects including equipment, machines, heavy loads and etc. When you need to get agricultural, heavy loads and other cargo, we suggest the use of flat bed trailers. These are used when no enclosure is needed for the cargo.

Lowboy Gooseneck Trailer

It is the most common type of trailer that is used. It can easily be detached from the truck by it’s neck. The same way it can be attached to push the heavy load all the way to the top. Iron haulers has a good arrangement of good quality lowboy gooseneck trailers.

Drop Deck Transport Trailer

Drop deck trailer allows you to get your cargo transported that is extra tall and extra long. A drop deck trailer provides extra clearance to your cargo for better and efficient transport. This clearly means that with the availability of a drop deck trailer you can get your heavy haul freight shipping easily regardless of weight and height.

Step Deck Trailer

This trailer is used for cargo that is taller than 8 feet. It can easily carry a load of 150,000. Iron haulers is the best option for getting this service availed.

Extendable Double Drop Trailers

Extendable double drop trailers are used for cargo that is unusually tall and long and can bot be transported by a double drop trailer. This trailer can be adapted to employ 2 or 3 axels’.

Conestoga Trailers

These are very innovative kind of trailers that protect and cover your cargo without damaging the objects underneath. Not all transportation companies have these. But at iron haulers everything is available and well arranged.

Refrigerated Trailers and Reefers

These kinds of trailers are used for edible cargo that is in a large and bulk amount. These are used to protect your edibles from wearing off. No matter how long the journey is, a refrigerated trailer will keep your food protected and safe.

Iron Haulers Offers the Best Drop Deck Towing Services All Over United States, Mexico and Canada.

Drop deck towing services have been greatly in demand ever since large business have excelled and reached great heights. Industries and factories need their equipment and cargo to be transported to various places. They are in a dire need of transportation companies all the time. Iron haulers has been a born hero, it is always there to save the day. We are proud to say that we are one of the most appreciated and desired transportation company in the entire USA. Not just that, our services are spread to Canada and Mexico as well. So those living outside the states should not worry anymore because our services are no longer limited to states only, our clients from Canada and Mexico can now benefit too.

Safety Tips of Drop Deck Trailer Transport

Transportation of goods and loaded trucks with heavy equipment is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort and to be honest many risks are involved as well. However, safety of our people is the most important to us. For that matter many safety tips are observed and considered every time transportation process has to take place.

Use of Right Vehicle and Trailer

It is very important to select the right kind of vehicle for transportation. Experts should check which vehicle would be best for what kind of load and etc. The right kind of trailer should always be selected and checked every time before the transportation. Selecting the right trailer depends on the amount of load.

Drivers Training and Experience

Iron haulers makes sure that a driver with a license and good experience is selected. They’re later given training as well. To avoid all kinds of risks.

Inspect You Trailers Capabilities

This is perhaps one of the most important steps. Experts should never forget this

Check and Double Check the Load

Another step that should never be forgotten by the experts and transport engineers.

Road Laws and Regulations

All road laws and regulations are always abided by. Our team makes sure the government and the law has no problems against us and our services.

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