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Expert Step Deck and Drop Deck Hauling By Iron Haulers

When cargo or equipment is too tall for a standard flatbed, don’t worry. Iron Haulers is proud to have a wide variety of step deck/drop deck trailers (WITH and without RAMPS) to use for these non-standard jobs.

A step deck trailer (also known as a drop deck trailer) is similar to a conventional flatbed trailer with a drop in the deck down to the axle height. This gives it an extra boost in the height that it can securely transport.

Drop deck trailers can have one step, where the deck drops and stays flat until the end of the trailer, or a double drop, where the deck drops below the axle height and steps back up over the axles at the end of the trailer.

Double drops are typically only used when cargo is between 10 feet and 11.5 feet tall, however. This is because while conventional flatbeds and drop decks are graded to carry 48,000 lbs, while conventional double drops are graded to carry 45,000 lbs to keep the load stable in cases of extreme height.